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With a combined 30+ years of experience in the industry our co-founders Katherine O'Sullivan and Jose Pinto have nurtured infinite value by reinventing and streamlining the production process. From models to stylists, photographers, editors and everything in between, we are a one stop shop for content. You can use Klickpicks as your exclusive content provider + art director, for a campaign each season, or as one piece you plug in to your existing content strategy - we have packages of all shapes and sizes.

“To eat, sleep,

live and breathe

content creation."

Klickpicks was conceptualized out of one simple idea:


As the clock struck midnight on News Years Eve 2012 Klickpicks was born. This is our story...

Right after the champagne bottles popped and we all yelled ...3, 2, 1, HAPPY NEW YEAR! A freshly minted 21 year old Katherine turns to Jose outside the Crosby Hotel in Soho, New York City and asks “Want to launch a fashion start-up with me?” Jose said without hesitation “Lets do it...You teach me the tech and I’ll teach you the biz.” We were yin and yang and there was something in the air that New Years Eve night - a new chapter in both of our lives had just begun and we were in for a wild ride. 

We started out developing our original idea with our tech partners to make outfits in videos shoppable with "shop klick" technology while showcasing the items in a virtual animated closet. You would be able to click directly on any item in the video and could purchase it. While we were creating demos to showcase the technology we utilized our skills from Jose’s background in the model + entertainment industry and Katherine’s film + fashion experience to create compelling videos. Everyone found the tech interesting but what they really needed was the content. They needed a lot of it and they needed it fast...we saw an opportunity, so we pivoted.


From spending a lot of time on set, Jose realized a lot of people were always sitting around doing nothing. While we were producing the video demos, through Jose’s experience - we started booking models by the hour. Through our lives in NYC and experience in the industry the models were our friends, so while we had an edge, they also appreciated the terms of getting paid on set as soon as the job wrapped with no commissions taken out. (Not sure if you know this but it is a well know secret that model agencies are notoriously horrible at paying their models and take 20% from the model's rate as well as add 20% on top which of the rate which they bill to the client). We then expanded this philosophy throughout our entire production workflow and through use of efficient and staggered scheduling we are able to cut unnecessary costs.


Then while on a job in Connecticut, Katherine said to Jose, what if we created a system where brands could customize their shoot online, seeing where the budget is going and applying it to the areas that are most important to their brand. Some brands care about getting specific models, while others want to invest more into hair and makeup or styling, while still others want any additional funds applied to more photos or videos. Whatever the case may be, Klickpicks can always deliver. 


We continued to produce videos all over America for well known brands such as Lulu Lemon, Priv, Lyssé, Vera, Soft Lips and many others. Then we were given the opportunity to produce a travel show First Experiences for TravelDreamer on Roku TV with our Partners Tzell Travel


The first episode would shoot in Cartagena, Colombia and we tried something new - we offered local rate shoots to the brands we were already producing for in NYC. Before we knew it, off we flew down to Latin America on our first trip to shoot the premiere episode of the travel show as well as projects for 3 brands. The rest is history as we were in for an epic journey around the world two, three times over, shooting for brands such as Jack Rogers, Julie Vos, American Airlines, Belmond Hotels, Aerosoles and countless others in locations from Colombia to Paris to Peru, Morocco, Spain to Italy, Greece and many more.


Seven years on the road taught us about all the things that can go wrong and how to handle anything before it even becomes a problem. Through our forward thinking production methods, developed exclusively by us, we utilize efficiency and data, by-passing the traditional agencies and middle men, allowing our uniquely trained team to focus on the delivery of the highest level of quality and creativity on every project. During our first year on the road Katherine was diagnosed with an extreme case of Endometriosis and Jose's son - Alex, continued to suffer from a rare form of anemia that they discovered at age 3. Through pain, and tears and trauma we forged ahead - taking advantage of every opportunity within our grasp, not letting any slip by, even as we continued to experience personal trubalance through the untimely passing of Alex, Jose's 16 year old son. Every trial continues to make us stronger and we channel everything we've been through into our work, adding a pure authenticity to everything we touch. 


The bottom line is you have to be able to handle a high level of complexity to do what we do. We know it must seem a little crazy that we do it all here at Klickpicks - we know you're thinking that it is too good to be true. Trust, we are here to help you. We share our story with you not just to get symphanty, but because we know that trust is the most important thing in our industry. Now that you have gotten to know us a little better, it goes without saying that we are well equipped to handle your next project - now it is time for us to get to know you + your brand! Let's get started...


Katherine O'Sullivan

Co-Founder + CEO

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Co-Founder + COO

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