Production Tiers

We have three production tiers for you to choose from: Director's Choice, Content Kiosk + Campaign Concierge, offering a content solution for every brand of every size. 

Director's Choice

Directors Choice is the most cost efficient, hands-off package we offer. Sit, back and relax - all you need to do is give us a few details, mail us your samples and we take it from there. This package is for those who need on brand, on budget content, in a few clicks. You trust us with the creative decisions (that we always make in the best interest of your brand’s image and budget) and you get the maximum value for your package rate.

Content Creator Kiosk

The overall details are in your hands for this one. Content Kiosk provides you with a curated selection of shoot options that you are able to mix and match to craft your own unique look. We lay out all of your selections in your Customized Storyboards for you to sign off on prior to your shoot, allowing you to keep an eye on the creative control, while still keeping you within a certain budget. 

Custom Concierge

Custom Concierge is designed for Brands that need a certain level of creative control. During our Pre-Production Meeting we guide you through the entire process, taking the time to go through each creative element going into your shoot, recommending new ideas and strategies that fit with your long term goals and creative vision. You get to hand select your model, storyline, styling and more, creating the ultimate custom content experience.

Let's chat!

We know our services may seem new to you, we're one of a kind!  Let us walk you through our program and show you how to best maximize the value of our unique content creation platform.