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How Klickpicks Works

Customize your Content + Brand Profile

Fill out our Content Creator and you will receive an email with your no commitment estimated shoot quote. You will then be able to Confirm your Quote via Skype, phone or online form. Once your quote is confirmed you will complete a brand profile to let us know everything about your company's DNA.

Using your Brand Profile and Content Creator selections your dedicated Storyteller crafts your Customized Storyboards and Style Direction Options. Once approved you are assigned a confirmed shoot date.

Your Content Cloud is where you make your photo selections and video reviews. It will be delivered within 15 business days from confirmed shoot date - or in as little as 48 Hours when choosing RUSH delivery. Let us know if you need any retouching or design services and presto you have a batch of fresh new content.

Approve your Customized Storyboards

Review your Content Cloud

What is Klickpicks? How does it Work?

Klickpicks is a brand new content creation service unlike anything you have ever seen before. We are not traditional photographers, bloggers, ad agency and so on. We are a new breed of professional creatives allowing you to book a shoot for your brand in just 3 clicks - Scout your Location, Cast your Model, Select your Storyline. All of our curated options are updated weekly and include something for every brand and style. After you choose your inital 3 shoot selections we then customize your project using brand information you supply and our propritery online web audit to craft your storyboards to your exact image.

Does Klickpicks offer other talent than listed, such as curve or classic models?

Yes! We have tons of talent that is not listed on our site. Additionally the talent listed is updated weekly. If you don't see what you are looking for all you need to do is request a casting. First we go into our database and provide you with any additional talent options if we still do not have the exact type you are looking for we conduct casting sesions until we find your perfect look.

Who is the photographer behind the camera?

Our production team is lead by Co-Founders Katherine O'Sullivan (lead cinematographer) and Jose Pinto (lead director) and every member of our company is trained to the Klickpicks Method Standard. We are a compny that is hands on - all phases are completed under one roof, nothing is handed off or outsourced to sub-contractors, assuring you the highest level of creative and quality control.

My Brand has a very particular aesthetic - how are you going to achieve that?

Unliked bloggers or traditional photographers, Klickpicks doesn't have one defined style, Klickpicks adjusts to every brands' aesthetic. You can submit as much brand inspiration and direction on as many areas of production cycle as desired.

What does the Base Package Include?

All of our base packages include: 1 Location 1 Model 1 Storyline 2 Looks 5 Retouched or 10 Unedited JPEGs *Content Cloud Gallery of 100+ Images :15 Second HD Video The base package price is dependent on your chosen production tier, location and all packages can be customized and personalized to every specification needed. We also have subscription options for brands that produce shoots on a continuous basis. Our pricing is a la carte. We only charge you for what you need which allows you to mix and match to create your content creation fantasy.



Set up a Complimentary Content Consultation with Co-Founders Katherine O'Sullivan and Jose Pinto.