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All intro packages include: 

1 Location 

1 KP Model 

+Standard Natural Hair & Makeup (HMU)

1 Storyline 

Content Cloud of Hundreds of Photos (View Sample)

:15 Second Instagram Video 

First choose your production tier. This determines the amount of involvement you will have in your shoot.



You provide us your samples and an overview of your brand/ collection direction and vibe and we take it from there, handling every detail on your behalf. We choose the location, model, storyline, HMU etc. that is aligned with your brand image and inspiration provided. We provide a short production brief on our production plan.

White glove



We literally bring your dreams to life. You give us your budget and specs and we provide you a finalized quote on how we can execute your campaign requirements down to the letter. We have a production meeting in person or via Skype to go over all details. In this tier you can customize any shoot to your heart's desire either starting with a location we are going to or choosing one that you have in mind. There is nothing we can't deliver.




The details are in your hands for this one. We provide you with a  curated selection of locations, models, storylines, styling, HMU, props etc. that you are able to mix and match to create your own unique shoot. We lay out all of your choices in your customized storyboards for you to sign off on prior to your shoot. 

Then determine the # of looks you would like to add and if you want to include any of our styling services.


A Look is anything the model is wearing head to toe. If we just change the accessory such as the shoes, purse or coat that is considered an accessory change. Anything more than that is considered a new look.

We price by look as well as for accessory changes.


1o+ Looks: 1o% OFF Look Rates

20+ Looks: 20% OFF Look Rates


You have two options for styling as an accessory brand. 1) You can send us the exact clothes you want your model to wear head to toe with your samples or 2) you choose one of our styling options below. 

For example if you want 5 Looks with Stylist Choice that would be $1000 in addition to your base fee.

The Klickpicks Closet includes a vast catalogue of items spanning from current trends to vintage pieces having pieces for all types of styles and looks. 

stylist's choice

You provide us your samples and an overview of your brand/collection direction. We give you a styling theme and pull items from our Klickpicks closet that fall within that direction. Please note in this tier you are not shown the exact looks unless you add a fitting or last look.

stylist's choice

w/ digital layouts

You provide us your samples and an overview of your brand/collection direction. We give you a styling overview and pull items from our Klickpicks closet that fall within that styling theme. We layout each clothing item in the look for your approval in your customized storyboards.

Client request

kp closet pull

You send the exact looks you request then we present you digital layouts of clothing items that we already have in our Klickpicks Closet. We present you with the closest possible match for your approval, laying everything out in your customized storyboards.

CLIENT Request


You send the exact looks you require and we present you with digital layouts of clothing items pulled from our Klickpicks closet combined with various retailers to match your look requests down to the letter.  We lay everything out in your customized storyboards. *Custom pull fees will be presented to client for approval before any items are purchased.


Throughout pre-production we will be presenting you with various shoot customizations available for your project. If you wish to include, additional fees will be added to your quote. If you have any special requests we can provide you with a custom quote. Here are a few optional add ons available: 

Additional Models

Additional Storylines

Hair/Makeup Looks


Add a Fitting: Add a fitting with your chosen model to see the actual look options fitted on her prior to the shoot. This gives us time to swap out or alter anything ill fitting.


+ Add Skype to your Fitting: Skype in live to your fitting. 

+ Come to the fitting in person (NYC only)


Add a Last Look: We send you photos right before shoot of hair + makeup and right before we shoot each look. You will be given a designated shoot time and within :30 mins you will have 5-10 minutes to give us any notes you wish to incorporate into your shoot or any changes that need to be made.